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I have always loved helping women realize their potential for a life of healthy connections, meaningful work and a calm and joyful existence. We know Stress is a part of everyday life but when it’s a daily untreated/unmanaged occurrence, then stress can easily become toxic and lead to health issues, deep anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and have and overall negative impact on the important parts of your life. Relationships both at work and at home become strained, work isn’t meaningful, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health all suffer when we are unable to attend to the CAUSE of the stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.


Millions of women feel this way and I surely have felt it too.


But life doesn’t have to be like that!


How do I know? 


I know because in my life, discovering some simple management tools and learning some new ways of living daily changed my life radically. Relationships improved, parenting was more satisfying, work was easier and perhaps more importantly, I felt in control, peaceful most of the time and the joyful life God promises was available. Also, I knew that old unconscious beliefs and narratives were no longer in charge of how I reacted to life.


I am a mother, and a grandmother and life has been filled with both successes and failures. I have been a teacher, sales person, a minister (still am), a Pastoral Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. I have owned a small business been an Organ Donor Liaison and finally, today, a Life Coach. As a musician, I have had the opportunity to perform on international stages and also to sing for one person in a hospital room, been with families in times of crisis and have been alone in a room with those who are dying.


I have NO doubt, that without having done the inner work of clearing, releasing and forgiving the old messages, traumas and narratives, I could  not have gotten through many of those situations and remained whole.


So, what do you want for you and for your family? Let’s talk about it. Click here to receive your free e-book, and then schedule a call with me to discover how to have the life you want to lead.