Beloved Child
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Beloved Child


Beloved Child

It had been a long, very early,  morning flight and as I looked in the mirror at the airport restroom an involuntary shudder ran through my body. I looked every one of my years!  The night before I had faithfully applied the latest wonder cream and tried (in vain) to sleep on my back. , , ,But all I saw now was my grey hair, sagging jowl lines and tired eyes. UGH!  

Then I exited the airport gate to where my daughter, son in law and granddaughter were waiting. Their eyes lit up when they saw me come through the revolving door and my granddaughter ran and jumped in my arms. . . well, sort of, as she is nearly as tall as I am. They saw something very different than I see when I look in the mirror. They have a filter of love and see with their hearts not with their eyes. Eyes of love see the soul not the body.    How grand!

Think about it now, when you look at someone you love, how do you see them? As we grow to know and love people we no longer see with the same critical with which we see ourselves, no longer do we see the wrinkles, extra pounds and sagging bodies, rather we see THEM, their true selves. What grace! 

I believe with all my heart that is how God sees us; through a filter of love. Sure the warts and wrinkles and bad and sad choices are there but that doesn’t hide the core of our being which is a beloved Child of God. 

Peace and love to you dear friends.

Karen Kidd Lovett , M.Div, ICF, ACEP

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